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Disability is caused by the way society is organized, rather than by a person’s impairment or difference … There is not a lot we can’t do with proper support.

Ryan - Living with DMD


patient advocates & nonprofits

If you build it we will come. We attend patient foundation conferences, family conferences, fundraisers, summer camps and other special events throughout the US and internationally. If you would like Living in the Light to have a presence at your event or conference, reach out to us.

In addition to on-site photography and videography services, we are available to facilitate panel discussions, break-out groups, workshops, keynote presentations and staff trainings. Our programs and presentations are designed to help inspire community dialogue around important issues. Workshops and trainings are customized to directly reflect your organization's or community's needs. Familiar themes include: patient advocacy; the importance and skills involved in telling our stories; the impact rare disease has on the family system; memory, commemoration and grief.

If you have any ideas or specific requests/needs, let us know.  

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